Can you find a teen through a people search?

Written by admin on September 23, 2009 – 4:29 am -

Just wondering if I could find a friend of mine [16]. I’ve tried the White Pages and some online people searches. Seems like you can’t find people under 18. I don’t know the parent names either.

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msn messenger, How do i find people to chat with?

Written by admin on September 19, 2009 – 8:18 am -

I’ve just installed msn messenger.

How do i find interesting people from around the world to chat with?


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Where can I find part-time ambitious people in Singapore?

Written by admin on September 18, 2009 – 9:37 am -

Over the next few months I’ll be researching and starting up a number of small businesses in Singapore. Some of these will be internet-based and some will be more retail-based businesses. Part of the startup process will be to reseach the market and I’ll need some people to help out.

The kind of work I’m talking about would range from researching competition using Google, collecting statistics through government websites, and performing primary data collection through interviews and paper surveys of the public – things like asking people to fill in a questionnaire.

It’s not glamerous work but can be very interesting, and could lead to something bigger. It’d be very suitable for a student in high school or university who has a bit of free time, wants to earn some extra money and work on something interesting. Is there any place to find people like this? Some kind of part-time job board, career center, university employment center, something like that?


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Where can I go to find people that are looking for someone to take over their home loan?

Written by admin on September 11, 2009 – 6:16 pm -

I have seen in some cases and heard in more where people are looking to get out of their home loan, or instead of facing a foreclosure just have someone take over the payments and the house. Does anyone know where I could possibly find this information. I am in the Northern Virginia area and looking for sometihng around here.

I know there are a number of foreclosures going on, and would like to help someone while also helping myself.

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How to find people who care and help?

Written by admin on September 4, 2009 – 2:29 pm -

I **** to ask and beg for the help in this way but all the normal ways is not and has not helped. My brother and I are disabled vetreans in are 50,s. He jusat had cancer taken out and is in a lot of pain. We do not have beds, He sleeps on the floor. The bed I call a bed is brocken with springs coming out. The car just throw a rod and we can not fix it We have always helped others but find it very hard to find people who will help. Who will care. We are having a hard time making rent and food. Yes we have tryed all the main ways but get little or no help. We are on SSI. I will go into more with the right person or persons. We are in the Denver Colorado area. I do not like doing this and causing me a lot of pain to ask but need to. I’m asking total strangers for help and even begging if need to. Please maybe send this out to other question and answers categorizes Thank you.

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We want to buy real estate. How do we find people to invest with?

Written by admin on September 3, 2009 – 2:21 pm -

We live in a very pricey area in Orange County, CA, and the only way we can afford to buy our own property in the neighborhood we want to live in is to be creative and get with maybe one or two other people and buy a large SFR, duplex or triplex to share. How can I find people who would be interested and qualify (good credit, etc.), and aren’t scarry, to buy such a property together with my husband and me?

I am not looking for a realtor, just good resources and ideas to find trustworthy people who want to own their own property in an affortable way.


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How do I find people that are interested in building a MLM company?

Written by admin on September 2, 2009 – 2:29 pm -

Multi Level Marketing is where regular people(if they play their cards right) can have financial freedom,big house 5 cars, be their own boss… I have a great company,(look at my personal info)but I need to know where I can find people that are interested in this kind of thing???

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