How to find people who are in bankruptcy?

Written by admin on August 13, 2009 – 6:00 pm -

There is a program that will find people in your area that are in bankruptcy.

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How can I find people to help start a corporation at no cost to me?

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I am looking for people to help form a Corporation in California. How can I find people with no capital gain. I need to start with an Artical of Incorporation but how can I do that. What websites are available to use for FREE to help start a Corporation. What all do you need and how many people can you use to start?

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How do I find people to take my ideas and make money with them?

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I have a bunch of product ideas that I think would be really popular, but I don’t have the money or time to invest in getting them made and picked up by major retailers/manufacturers. How do I find people who will pay me a residual % for the idea and then go make us both millions?
It’s too late to get on American Inventor unless you know something I don’t
I don’t have Yahoo messenger because I **** it. You can e-mail me at my name though.

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Where can one find people interested in questions, answers and discussion of basketball?

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This *****. I come here to mingle with people who share the same interest that I do–basketball. The menu to the left reads Sports and then basketball. That is what I expect to find here. I know that there are all sorts of facets to basketball and not all are my cup of tea. So, I skip those question and answers and am happy that there is something related to basketball here for everyone.

But it is more and more difficult to ignore the crap. It isn’t interesting. It isn’t funny (12 year olds have a more sophisticated level of humor than bodily functions). It isn’t shocking, daring, interesting or anything.

It is just plain stupid and incredibly immature.

I know the menu to the right reads “basketball” but that can’t be right.

So, fellow basketball fans I ask you, where does one go to find other folks and have questions, answers and discussions related to basketball?

And will you join me there? Let’s escape this madness together.
Hey, I like to have fun. In this section of Yahoo, I want to have basketball fun.

Why should I report anyone? I believe in people and their ability to police themselves and know what is right or wrong. I’m not telling anyone how to behave or act. I’m just not willing to be around people who cannot police themselves or know what is right, wrong or stupid.

So I’m asking where can I go to find folks wanting to discuss basketball?
Nightmare and Zamboni–thanks for the suggestions.

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