Tips for Acme Free and Instant People Search

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The reason people search be done by someone could be for legal purposes like a criminal background check, marriage status or other personal information. Another reason may be to find a relative, an old friend or a classmate. Being able to do a free and instant people search for these types of situations always comes in handy.

People searching is not uncommon, in fact thousands are doing it daily.

The real question is how do we do it?Do we pay for it?What information does it provide? Well, you do it through the use of a service website. Two, you don’t have to pay for it, but if you go free the data is often wrong, or out-dated, and Third, it basically gives us the all of that persons background information.

TIPS : Get specific with your search?

Tip #1 Try enclosing your search within quotation marks (i.e. “Tom Smith”). Rather than 35,000,000 results, you have narrowed it down to 279,000.

Tip #2 Include the area with your searches (i.e. “Tom Smith” “New York”). By using both the location and quotes, this search has now narrowed to 40,200 results.

Even free, if you are apointed as affiliate then you are eligible to get commission without dime cost.


1) AFFILIATIZE: This is basically just entering your Affiliate IDs into your Acme People Search engine, so that you get paid your commissions each month.

2) MONETIZE: Before your Acme People Search engine can be viewed online you must have a domain name and web hosting. Hence, “Monetize.” Now, I realize quite a few of you are saying, “Come on, Mike! Web hosting and domain names cost money!” Yes, domain names and web hosting do cost money, but bare with me. Remember earlier in this post I told you it would cost you zilch? I really meant that, so just be little more patient.

3) ADVERTISE: Tissa Godavitarne will advertise your search engine for you using his pay-per-click ad campaign in Yahoo, MSN and Google. (You can always verify this free traffic by clicking on the “Traffic Stats” in your back office) But to achieve your search engine’s full potential, you should advertise also. Weather it be online classifieds, your own pay-per-click campaign, fliers, post, or business cards with your website displayed, additional advertising is the key to getting the huge affiliate commissions. (I personally hand out about 35-40 business cards each week to great results. If your interested in using business cards in your advertising I’ve included a link at the bottom of this post that entitles you to 250 free business cards.)


FACT: 30% of all Searches on 3 giant search engine are People Search related

Top 5 country do people search tagging:

1. USA

2. Canada

3. India

4. Australia

5. UK


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Surrounding yourself With Successful People

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Are the people you spend your time with holding you back? Do they constantly want you to do things with them that aren’t exactly productive?

People like this are keeping you from realizing your potential. Successful people surround themselves with other successful people. We are extremely susceptible to the way of thinking of the people we are around most often.

When you spend time with a negative person with negative habits it tends to rub off on you. You begin to adopt those negative habits. These habits are counter-productive in achieving your goals.

When you spend time with a successful person the opposite occurs. You begin to adopt their successful habits. One of the best ways to become successful in anything is to mimic what a successful person in your chosen field is doing.

Successful people know that it takes hard work to achieve your goals and they will be more supportive and encouraging. They will keep you motivated and on the right path.

Avoid Toxic People

Avoid negative people that are insecure and jealous of your actions to improve your life. There is nothing to be gained by spending time with these “toxic” people. They will bring you down and sabotage your efforts in achieving your goals.

Many discouraging people have a negative mindset and they really aren’t aware they are behaving towards you in a toxic way. Usually making them aware of their behavior is all you need to do to end it. It will be very hard for them to continue their sabotaging ways once you make them aware of what they are doing.

A great book about dealing with toxic people is “Toxic People” by Dr. Lillian Glass. It will give you specific ways of dealing with the people in your life that are holding you back.

Determine Who is Holding You Back

Write down everyone that you spend time with. Who is supportive and who is not? Do these people encourage you, or do they generally tell you that you can’t do something or you are crazy for trying? Consider each person on the list and make a decision whether they are toxic or supportive.

You should really consider spending less time with the discouraging people or make them aware of the negative effect they have on you.

Spend Your Time With the Successful

Choose to spend your time with people who are successful. Their positive way of thinking will rub off on you. By spending time with these people you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Acme People Search Engine – How to Make Big Profits From Acme People Search

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One third of all the searches on Google and Yahoo are people searching for other people. This is a huge niche that has grown consistently over the past few years. If you wanted to find a person online you could do it, but it could literally takes days or even weeks to find the exact person you were looking for, much less their address and phone number. We need answers quickly. We don’t have time to waste. We can find people by phone number and we can find people by address through these specialized find people search engines. These search engines have huge databases and are currently used by some large reputable companies. Now, you may ask, how does this help me?


The niche can be targeted to give you a very lucrative business. You can own your very own acme people search engine and when people search for information you get paid. The search engine itself has many affiliate links embedded in it. The prospects are also sent follow up messages to increase your profits. This is one of the newest most reputable affiliate marketing programs.


A website address is the only cost of having your own, profitable people find search engine. If you think about it, it’s a small price to pay for a search engine that can generate huge commissions for you. You also get referral bonuses and a chance to create a residual income.


Your acme people search engine is advertised for you for free on Google, Yahoo, and MSN so you can be in profit fast. You get five sources of income from one site in 3 easy steps:








This is an opportunity you cannot pass up. I have seen and done almost everything out there but I am sticking to this one since it can be very profitable and is one of the most reputable affiliate marketing programs on the internet – acme people search.


So, what are you waiting for?

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